Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Saturday

Saturday was a big day at my house.  It started with a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and ended with Paul and I being confirmed at the Vigil of Easter Service at church.  Special memories all the way around.

It was a fantastic Easter Egg hunt despite the stormy weather the night before.  Everything was a little damp thus all of the rainboots.

 For the last nine weeks Paul and I did something we have never done before.  We took a class together.  The class required some commitment and we couldn't have done it without our dear friends who would take turns watching our kids for us every Tuesday night.  We made the decision to learn more about the Lutheran faith then to become members of Holy Trinity.  This was a special decision and meant quite a lot to Paul and I.

 After the service Saturday night our Pastor and  other church members had a nice reception for us complete with cookies, punch and beautiful gifts for us.  It was a wonderful experience.

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