Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3

Saturday was our last full day in Red River.  The guys wanted to "shred it up" on the blacks and the kids wanted to "play" and Tina and I wanted a day to relax and not put ski boots and skis on children.
So it was a win/win for everybody.

 Paul and Paul about to "shred it up!"

 Trying to walk down the street with these 4 was quite challenging at times.  They could not resist playing in the snow.

 Lunch at a local place .........

We ended the afternoon just letting the kids "play" at the park. By "play" I mean build snow forts then attack each other with giant snowballs.

After the snow play we found ourselves at the souvineer shops buying overpriced "Red River" t-shirts.  They were "must-haves!"

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