Monday, April 22, 2013

A very special day........

On Sunday April 21 the kids were baptized.  This was such an amazing and special day for our family.  What made it even more special was that all of our friends and family were there to help us celebrate.  Mom and Dad had come up for the weekend along with my sister and Chris.  So great to have their grandparents and God parents present.

 All dressed and looking spectacular!

 We were so happy to have mom and dad there!

After the church service we had an "baptism" luncheon at the house.  I really wanted to thank everyone for coming and everyone knows I love to host an event where I can cook.  Not only did my parents, and sis come we had friends, neighbors, former neighbors attend.  Our pastor was so excited that we packed the sanctuary he asked me if I "could muster up some more baptisms every week."  He loved the crowd.

  As the kids opened the gifts from everybody I couldn't help but get emotional.  Like I said Sunday afternoon to a house full of people, living in Oklahoma we have no family here, then on days like Sunday I am reminded that we in fact DO have family many friends that are like family to Paul, me and the kids.  We are truly thankful for and feel very blessed to have so many people in our lives that care about us.

My friend Rachael is a photographer and she took beautiful pictures during and after the ceremony, as soon as I get my hands on them I will put them on my blog.

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