Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the slopes Day 2

Day 2 was just as fun.  We all headed out together at the same time.  We already had our boots and skis so that made everything a little easier.  Em decided that she only wanted to do a half day of ski school and since it was her vacation too I didn't have the heart to keep her in there all day.  I skied a half day too than her and I hung out for the afternoon.

Here is Tyson carrying his skis from the little hill up to the lift.

He wanted to show us he could ride the lift ll by himself.

 Emmy working on her pizza.

Em got really good at riding the magic carpet all by herself.

Em and I called it quits around 1 and headed back to the cabin to get warm and relax.  We took some pictures of the inside because Em "was afraid she might forget what it looked like after we left."

When everyone else got home it was time to play outside again and explore the area around the cabin and again look for more deer.

 And we found one.  And he LOVED carrots!!!

 The snow was so deep right behind the cabin.  We almost lost Emmy.

Nothing like little Kindle-jammy time after skiing.

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