Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3

Saturday was our last full day in Red River.  The guys wanted to "shred it up" on the blacks and the kids wanted to "play" and Tina and I wanted a day to relax and not put ski boots and skis on children.
So it was a win/win for everybody.

 Paul and Paul about to "shred it up!"

 Trying to walk down the street with these 4 was quite challenging at times.  They could not resist playing in the snow.

 Lunch at a local place .........

We ended the afternoon just letting the kids "play" at the park. By "play" I mean build snow forts then attack each other with giant snowballs.

After the snow play we found ourselves at the souvineer shops buying overpriced "Red River" t-shirts.  They were "must-haves!"

On the slopes Day 2

Day 2 was just as fun.  We all headed out together at the same time.  We already had our boots and skis so that made everything a little easier.  Em decided that she only wanted to do a half day of ski school and since it was her vacation too I didn't have the heart to keep her in there all day.  I skied a half day too than her and I hung out for the afternoon.

Here is Tyson carrying his skis from the little hill up to the lift.

He wanted to show us he could ride the lift ll by himself.

 Emmy working on her pizza.

Em got really good at riding the magic carpet all by herself.

Em and I called it quits around 1 and headed back to the cabin to get warm and relax.  We took some pictures of the inside because Em "was afraid she might forget what it looked like after we left."

When everyone else got home it was time to play outside again and explore the area around the cabin and again look for more deer.

 And we found one.  And he LOVED carrots!!!

 The snow was so deep right behind the cabin.  We almost lost Emmy.

Nothing like little Kindle-jammy time after skiing.

On the slopes Day 1

I think the winter ski vacation may become an annual tradition here in the Lucas home.  The kids have really enjoyed the whole experience.

We arrived in Red River around 4 pm on Wednesday.  Just enough time to unpack , open a bottle of wine then head out to grab some dinner at Cabos the local Italian place.  When we got back the kids headed out to play in the snow and the grown ups sat around unwinding from the stressful drive.  The guys planned to head out early to ski.  Tina and I and the kids decided to take it easy in the morning, have breakfast, THEN begin the daunting task of getting 4 kids outfitted  to ski.  We planned to meet the guys at noon, we figured we could use their help getting everyone fitted with skiis and boots.  We thought everyone should start out with at least a half day of ski school to get reaclimated.

 Here are three of our four in their base layer and matching ski socks.

 Pumpkin looked the part, she was ready!

 Before we can leave we have to find the car.  It was covered in snow!

 It took Tyson all of 2 minutes to get his "ski legs."

One push!  That was all it took.  We didn't see Tyson too much more on that beginner slope.  He was a natural.

 After we got home we decided to go look for deer to feed.

 The kids had so much fun collecting giant icicles!  Good thing since we were unsuccessful in locating any deer.

 This was our cabin!  And it was PERFECT!

 These were taken right outside the front of our cabin.

I made lasagna for dinner and it was so tasty, there is just something about eating a warm dinner after a long day of skiing while snow is falling outside.  Pure bliss.

Day 1 was a success!