Monday, February 20, 2012

Today we ski!!!

After a long drive we arrived in Red River around 4:30 on Tuesday.  First stop was the ski rental shop so the guys could "avoid tomorrows crowds" and rent their gear.  Notice I said "guys," somehow the ladies didn't get to rent our stuff till the next day.  Apprently we "like" crowds, especially with 5 kids in tow.

Next stop was the house for some down time and dinner.  Tomorrow was going to be an early morning.  There was snow in the forecast for the night so we had been racing to get there and get checked in before the snow arrived.

This was the view the next morning from our back door.  The kids could not have been more excited.  It was all we could do to get them to eat breakfast and get dressed before they headed out in to the snow.

My poor little pumpkin, she could not handle the glare.  It was so bright and if she was outside she wanted her goggles on.  *** Take away for next time--- bring her sunglasses.

It was hard to get the kids in the car to go skiing, they were so happy to just be playing in the white stuff.

Now it was time to meet the guys at the base of the mountian for some skiing.

Heading for "instruction time" at ski school

learning to master the "magic carpet"

Everybody heading out. (that's Tyson in the orange)

We spent a little time with the kids before they started ski school.  We thought it would be good for them to sort of get acclamated to the skis and boots before school.  WRONG!
Poor Paul, not only did he have to help me get acclamated to my skis he had to help two kiddos learn to stand in their skis.  **Take away for next time--- enroll in ski school immediately.
The kids absolutely loved ski school.  The instructors were so knowledgable and were able to teach them how to put on their skis, take off and walk in them let alone actually learn to ski.  They were fabulous!

Looking forward to Day 2!

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