Thursday, April 7, 2011

Her most expensive accessory yet......

No your eyes do not deceive you. Emmy got new specs and she is still getting used to them. AND it's taking lots of positive encouragement from all of us.

So how does a three and a half year old end up in glasses? Well last week I noticed Em closing one eye when she would watch TV. I started watching her a little closer and noticed she did it quite a bit. She would also cross one eye whenever she would pick up something or try to focus close up. I took her to her pediatrician Friday and she was concerned that Em was crossing them quite a bit. She referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist the following Monday. The doctor informed us she was far sighted, and when she would try to focus close up her eyes would cross as a result. He also said it was very common in this age group and that most parents don't notice till the kids are in school and trying to read. No doubt trying to make us feel better since I was already tearing up. He prescribed her glasses and said there was a good chance she could outgrow it and her eyes could correct themselves.

Fast forward three days, we've tried on many..... many glasses and these were her favorite. Paul and I agreed it didn't matter how much they cost as long as she would wear them. Because reasoning with a three year old about the importance of wearing glasses was out the window. She had to like them.

We picked them up today. She did tell me she could see her coloring book much better now.

She's still my beautiful blue-eyed baby that just looks a little older and a lot cuter!

I have to be honest. I was heart broken at first that my little girl was going to need glasses, especially at such a young age. Paul and I don't wear glasses but we're the minority in both of our families. Both sets of grandparents and our siblings wear them. Guess it was in the cards. I'm over it now and I just want to help her.

So far 2011 is the year for new challenges.

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  1. She is adorable!!! I have a good friend of mine with a 5 year old that was having the exact same problem. She loves her glasses now!