Friday, December 21, 2012

Grandpa Jim turns 73

It feels like we've made quite a few trips to Texas lately.  It feels that way because we HAVE!  Jim turned 73 and we couldn't miss that.  They had planned a little party for him and all the grand kids were going to be there. 

 Jim getting ready to blow out some candles

 Grandpa Jim with all of his grandkids!

 Paul and Leah scooping out the ice cream

 Me and my sisters-in-law, Tracy and Christy

 Jim with 3 of his kids, Paul, Mike and Christopher

 I'm the younger sister they never had.

 Tyson and one of his favorite pastimes (if you call s'more eating a pastime).

 Oh my little Emmy!  Unfortunately she has a thing for ride on grown up toys that go fast.

 No fear

Happy Birthday Grandpa Jim!  We love you!

Santa at Northpark Center

We made a trip to Plano to celebrate Jim's birthday and we decided to throw a visit to Santa in there as well.  Northpark Center was one of my favorite malls when we lived in the DFW area. 

 The kids really enjoyed checking out the gingerbread displays.

 As you can see Santa did NOT disappoint!  Although my Tyson sure is looking big on poor Santa's leg.

We had a great time at Northpark and the kids put in their anual requests from Santa.