Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Proud of these two......

These next pictures are very special to me!  Both for very different reasons......

August was a pretty rough month this same time last year for Mom.  She was starting her last round of chemotherapy and it was definitely taking it's toll on her physically and emotionally.  To see her smiling and looking this fabulous really puts things in perspective. 

 Now Jenn.........I'm proud of her too.  If you follow this blog you can see there aren't a ton of pictures of Jenn from the last few years.  But she's been working really hard to change her eating habits and become a healthier person by exercising daily.  Jenn has lost 35 pounds and that is amazing!  And I couldn't be more proud of her.  I love these pictures of us!!! And I love that she wants her picture taken again!

Proud of you Mom and Jenn!!!!  Love you both!!!!

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  1. not on here very often...this post made me smile... xoxo