Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hanging with the Animals

Today was a first for me.  I definitely had never visited the San Antonio zoo wearing a jacket, gloves and a hat.  Typically we were usually sweating   Paul was off on the 2nd so we took the kids to the zoo.  It was chilly but it actually made a pretty enjoyable trip.  The kids were frisky and the animals were wild or did I mean the animals were frisky and the kids were wild? 

 Their favorite part of this zoo has to be the "children's petting zoo."  Em wanted to bring home some goats.

This little elephant was my favorite.  She was born just last April and she is the cutest 300 pound baby I've ever seen.

 Me and my little raccoon.

So far 2012 is looking pretty good.......the kids are hoping for some snow again.  Me....I'll take the snow minus the blizzard.

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