Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning Chaos, 2010

This Christmas was special for the Lucas family. It was our first Christmas in Oklahoma and the kids first Christmas not in San Antonio. It was also COLD, as in freezing! Unlike most of our South Texas Christmas mornings. We were so fortunate Mom and Dad made the trip up here. The kids have never had a Christmas morning without them and were so glad they were here. They made it extra special.

The kids had very different requests for Santa this year. Tyson didn't ask for one single toy. He asked for an Ipod, a NorthFace jacket and he wanted books about "science stuff." I was a little reluctant about the jacket because of the cost and him being only 6 but then Mom reminded me of the Guess jeans and Dooney and Burke purse I had to have when I was in elementary school. Thank you Mother. Anyway, this year Tyson got up at 6:30 but just went and sat in the living room while he took inventory of his Santa gifts. We finally let him wake up Em around 8.

He was so psyched about his his Ipod Shuffle, Santa even put an Itunes gift card in his stocking. Santa rocks!

My princess didn't have many requests from the the big guy this year. She wanted a watch and a GPS. Don't get me started on the GPS. It all began when we we first moved here. Her and I got lost a couple times, and not really lost, just turned around. And I may have mentioned in my frustrated moment that Daddy had the stinkin GPS with him in his truck. So I guess she figured if she had one then her and I wouldn't get lost. Ok, anyway........Santa did not bring her a GPS. Instead he brought her a dollhouse, lots of play jewelry, a talking princess mirror and play food for her kitchen.

Oh yeah, what was Santa thinking? He brought her an entire "band in a box." Complete with drums and symbols!!!
My two favorite guys hanging out in the COLD trying out the new telescope from Aunt Jenn. And they match. I'm a sucker for the matching clothes.

It was a fabulous Christmas and I couldn't ask for more. I t would have been nice if Jenn could have been here too. But I understand why she couldn't. Next Christmas it's on with all of the Garcias.

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