Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful

........for my beautiful family, their health and their well being, for the health of my parents, I am thankful for the fact that Em and Tyson could spend a whole week with their grandparents, the fact that Paul was able to be off for a few days too, I am thankful that he embraces my family like they are his own (or puts up with all of us when we are together) and they too embrace him like he is one of the them
I am thankful that Mom and Em are buds

I am thankful that Em almost has the "pretty pose" thing down

I am thankful that Tyson and my parents have such a great relationship

I am thankful for my Mom who made me endless cups of hot lemon tea over the holiday so I could get my voice back (even though Paul and Dad begged her not to)

I am thankful for Jenn........who we can laugh with or at

but still loves us anyway

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who puts up with me and because he gave my daughter those beautiful blue eyes

I am thankful that my dad got a grandSON whom he can do "boy" things with like hunt for bugs all day long in the backyard

this is just a few things in no particular order.......the list could go on forever

I am thankful!

Cocktails and Tappas

or S'mores and wine.....whatever!

Wednesday night after a long day of cooking in the kitchen, Paul thought we should treat the kids to some s'mores by the fire. Truth be told, he had been doing yard work and burning brush most of the day, so he had a good fire going by the time it got dark. Tyson always love roasting marshmallows on the fire and couldn't wait to do it with Grandma and Grandpa. As you can see in picture above, the WHOLE family came out for the event.........even Jules.

The kids were carefully watching their Daddy roast the marshmallows.

Grandpa and his babies

Em wasn't crazy about the s'mores, she preferred some of Grandma's taco chips

sometimes........they're sweet to one another, I stress the sometimes

Paul can't resist anything chocolate

I think he had at least 3

yes, that is marshmallow running from his hand to his mouth

Grandma getting some Emmy love

Table for 4 please

Tyson is a lot like me.....according to my parents, especially when I was that age. He was so excited for Grandpa and Grandma to see his school and eat lunch with him. However, "Mommy could you bring them on different days?" Huh, why do I have to bring them on different days Buddy? "Because that would be too many people sitting with me and that might embarrass me."

So, I brought Grandma on Tuesday

and Grandpa and Monday

Monday, November 23, 2009

What's a Bike Rodeo?

Tyson participated in his first Bike Rodeo today at school. What's a Bike Rodeo, you say? First of all, all of the bikes had to pass a safety checklist, and were deducted points for things like missing headlights or loose parts. Then each student had to complete three different riding courses, consisting of a figure 8, riding in a straight line (in which they had to stay between the lines) and ride through 10 cones weaving in and out without knocking down the cones. He did GREAT, I was so proud of him. The Bike Rodeo is put on by the "Dad's Club, so Paul volunteered to help with the event and was able to see Tyson ride. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love his school, they do some of the coolest things.

It was extra special to Tyson because even Grandpa was able to see him ride. I had brought Dad to have lunch with Tyson and they were slotted to ride right after, so we stayed to watch.

Jackson and Tyson

We were so proud of him.

Go Buddy, Go!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

The pilgrims ate M&M's, right?!?!?

Tyson's teacher sent me an email last week asking if I could or would want to help with the Kindergarten Feast . Since I'm the room mom, I get first dibs on these sorts of things. Of course, I said yes. I had been up there on Tuesday to help the kids paint their shirts and I couldn't wait to go up today and see all of them in their Indian shirts and feathers.

I enjoyed this so much. This is why I am a stay home mommy. I absolutely LOVE being a part of these events. I have such fond memories of my mom being at school functions and I feel so lucky that I can give Tyson these same memories.

The kids lined up to go to their Thanksgiving feast......which consisted of a trail mix of various snack foods such as Cheerios, marshmallows, gold fish, pretzels, and oh yeah, M&M's.....can't forget those. I'm pretty sure this is what they ate on Plymoth Rock.

This is Mrs. Heinze, Tyson is crazy about her. Funny story about her. Her husband actually graduated from the same high school as me......I won't say what year because it will just make me feel old. She says to me, "Arlington huh, my husband went to school there....He went to Arlington High." Really, me too. "You may have known him, he graduated in 2003." Yeah, I'm sure I don't know him and I now feel totally old.......since I graduated in 1995!!!

Tyson and his buddy Jackson sitting on their "carpet spots" to discuss their Indian names

20 Little Indians

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Why can't we put 39 candles on the cake?"

"Because that would be a whole lot of candles Buddy, and Daddy may not like that much flame."

Paul turned 39 today. I really didn't know that when we were hanging out on his 27th birthday that 12 years later we'd be celebrating his 39th together with our two children.

Happy Birthday Babe, I love you and NO, I did not get you another motorcycle.

It was a group effort to blow the birthday boy's candle out.

Buddy never turns down my homemade desserts

Emmy enjoyed her first piece of Texas Chocolate Sheath Cake

There is something really special to me about this picture!

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Daddy, are you sure my new furniture is coming?"

Last night as Paul tucked Tyson into his nice, cozy pallet on the floor.......he was concerned that he may be sleeping on the floor every night and there really wasn't any furniture coming. My delivery window was "some time on Monday, 7 am-10 pm." So Paul had to take apart the bed on Sunday night in case the delivery guys were here first thing this morning.

They actually got here around 11:30 and were done by 12:30, and that gave me less than two hours to get it all ready for my baby. I wanted it to be all done by the time I picked him up from school. And it was. He was surprised and very excited. Just take a peak at the before and after pics. Big difference!!!!

Bed shot........BEFORE
notice all the clutter, twin size bed and general mess

Bed shot........AFTER
bigger bed, less mess and no clutter and we kept the sports theme
I love all of the storage under the bed, nice big drawers and cabinets.

Corner shot.........BEFORE
lots of clutter

Corner shot.....AFTER
new dresser and more organized......Bruiser (stuffed bull dog) made the cut

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Buddy, it may be time to give some away."

Tyson has new furniture being delivered tomorrow. We bought him a bigger bed and an actual dresser and nightstand to match. But since the new furniture will be significantly larger than what he currently has, we had to have the dreaded conversation about too many stuffed animals. Right now he has two large bookcases dedicated to strictly housing LOTS of stuffed animals. Those bookcases probably will not fit once the new furniture is set up. Paul and I sat him down to discuss giving some away to other little boys and girls who may not have their own stuffies. He was surprisingly receptive to the idea. Together we managed to fill up two large trash bags to be given the the Medina Children's Home and one big bag for his library at school. He actually was enjoying picking out which ones other little boys may like.

And for the record Mom, I did not have nearly this many and you made me give them away to Goodwill too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, Tee Ball season is just about over. They have their last game on Saturday. I won't be there for in my mind the season is over. The boys did so great! They have come a long way since last season. Tyson especially, he did so well batting and actually fielded some balls and made good plays. I'm going to miss the games and the pride I felt when Tyson would get up to bat. However, truth be told I will not miss getting up for the those darn 8:00 Saturday morning games.

The kids were just relaxing before the party at BIGZ.

Here is Tyson getting his medal and trophy from Coach Tel

This is just some of the gang

more of the boys

The Astros

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Power of Imagination

"Mommy, I'll be in the backyard if you need me, Jules and I are in battle and she's my partner." Good luck Buddy, if those plastic infrared goggles don't scare the enemy......those stripe socks ought to do the trick!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Date with Tyson

Back in July I bought tickets for "Walking with the Dinosaurs." I had seen a special about it on Good Morning America a few years ago and thought it would be something Tyson would enjoy.
My mom came in town to watch Emmy for us. I didn't think she would really sit through the performance nor did I want to pay for her ticket only to be holding her outside of the
AT& T Center because she was scared. Paul and I like to plan special events for just Tyson every so often. We let him choose where he wanted to go for lunch since it was his special date. He chose Chuy's.......that's my boy. After stuffing ourselves silly with chips, queso and enchiladas we took off for the show.

We had a spectacular time! The show was awesome and seemed so real. So real, that about every five minutes Tyson would lean over and ask "Mommy they're not real, right?"

You can't go to a show like this and not get sucked into buying a few souveniers.

We managed only to purchase cotton candy to snack on. One of his favorites.